Plan of the day at We Care

Random day plan
8:00/9:00 – We arrive at the facility, it is time for joyful greetings, free games and talking about the previous night.
9:00/9:30 – We wash our hands and eat breakfast together.
9:30/10:00 – Music classes and English classes with a native speaker.
10:00/11:30 Organized games (depending on the day, sensory, rhythmic, didactic, art games) and outdoor activities. In the summer, we often take picnic blankets with us and eat fruity lunches outside.
11:30/12:00 – We eat soup and relax by reading books together.
12:00/14:00 – Time to rest. We dim the room, turn on the sounds of nature and fall asleep or relax by cuddling with our aunts.
14:00/14:30 – We eat the second course.
14:30/17:00 – Together we dance, sing songs, draw, construct towers, listen to stories and classical music – every day looks different depending on the mood of our students. During this time, we also eat an afternoon snack and then wait for our parents to arrive.
17:00 – We say goodbye to the last students

All games and activities organized by the staff are voluntary, if on a given day the children want to spend time mainly on their aunt’s lap – we slow down and laze around together.